Organising your own wine tasting tour for a hen's day

If you and your friends are looking to celebrate an upcoming wedding, a personalised wine tasting tour can be a great option. This allows your wine tasting party to be customised to the kind of wine that you all like and means that the tour can be loads of fun. 

Here are some things to consider as you plan an awesome wine tasting tour for your bride's friends. 

Your favourite types of wine

If your friends mainly like bubbly, there is no reason to head to wineries that specialise in heavy red wines. You can plan a route that has mainly the kinds of wine that you really like. You can also plan a stop at a winery with a private room and have a meal part way through the day. You can often find hints online from the local tourism sites or the bus company as they often have a good idea of the local popular wineries. 

Your favourite tunes

You want to choose a bus that has a great sound system. At a minimum, you want to have a sound system which can be hooked up to someone's music player or smartphone but it can also be great to have a TV or AV system to have some music clips playing to get everyone in the mood for a fun girls day.  

A fun loving driver

It can be great to hire a driver that has experience in running fun bus tours such as party buses. It can be great if they can help you out through the day by taking some photos and won't be too upset if the partiers have slightly lewd costumes or sing off key as they embrace the day. The bus hire company can often help you with choosing the right driver. 

A planned route

At the end of a long day tasting wine some of your party might want to go home, whereas some might be looking to head out to the clubs. Try to have two drop off points planned, one for people who want to catch a taxi or public transport home (such as a central train station) and another drop off in a local popular nightclub area. That way everyone can get where they are planning to go safely!

A wine tasting tour can be a really fun way to spend the day with your close friends, celebrating your friend's upcoming nuptials. 

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