What to Remember When Choosing a Bus Hire

The term "bus hire" can refer to a number of vehicles that are meant to transport a group, meaning large vans that work well for a family to actual busses that carry 20 or more passengers. A bus hire can be a good choice when touring a particular vacation destination with friends, or for when you need to pick up and drop off work crews to a certain jobsite. When choosing a bus hire, note a few things you want to remember so you know you get the right bus for your needs.

Note if they're mine equipped or ready for a construction jobsite 

Many industries, such as construction or mining, will need busses for a longer term in order to transport workers to the jobsite. These jobsites may have certain requirements for busses on the site, including the need for bully bars and 4WD, reverse squawkers or alarms when the bus is in reverse, certain overhead lighting, and the like. If you're getting a bus for transporting workers back and forth to a mine, construction site, and other similar areas, ask about getting a bus that is mine equipped so that you don't need to worry about providing your own safety accessories for the bus.

Note if they have seatbelts

If you're transporting workers or a group of persons to your office or worksite, you may be legally liable for their safety. Getting a bus with seatbelts and requiring your passengers to use them will mean less risk of injury in case of an accident or collision. Obviously you want your family and friends to be as safe as possible when on a bus, but because of this added legal and financial liability when transporting workers, you might give seatbelts extra consideration when renting a bus for work purposes.

Ask about power steering

Power steering may seem like a small thing, but if you've never driven a large vehicle before, you may be surprised at how difficult they can be to control. Someone with experience operating a heavy-duty truck or other such rig may not have a problem with a bus with no power steering, but for most, this can be more important than you realize. Power steering you can easily control will mean keeping you safe when in traffic and also means being able to make tight turns without running into posts and other hazards. Ask about power steering options for any bus you're hiring if you're not accustomed to large vehicles without it.

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