5 Considerations for Transporting Your Possessions Abroad

When moving your possessions abroad, it is often difficult to know what to prioritise when packing your suitcases. Leaving your home to move somewhere else is a daunting prospect, and so bringing as many home comforts as possible is a sure way to help you to settle in as soon as possible. When choosing a transport company to move your items, there are a number of things you should consider to help you to protect your possessions and give you peace of mind.

1. Costs

Always shop around for the best possible price. Many companies offer discounts for sending multiple boxes and allow you to purchase additional extras such as express delivery, upgraded insurance and packing materials.

2. Insurance

Always check to see whether you are covered by insurance when selecting your chosen company. Often your contents will be covered for a smaller fixed amount; however, you need to specifically select higher amounts of cover to ensure everything is protected should there be any issues. Also check to see what the insurance covers; accidental damage during shipping is a must-have extra.

3. Delivery Time

Check how long it will take for your possessions to be delivered. Quite often when shipping abroad, boxes are met with delays due to customs and changeovers between companies. Read the small print before selecting your delivery type. Sometimes choosing express delivery isn't worth the extra money because delays between countries may occur. 

4. Added Extras

Have a look at what extra services are provided by the company. Often boxes are picked up by an independent delivery service before being taken to the sorting office and finally the airport for freight delivery. Establish whether the delivery company will assist with the loading of the box, as this could cause issues for older customers. Some companies also offer the option to send packing labels for a small fee to ensure that all of your delivery information is clearly visible. 

5. Restricted Goods

Look on the FAQ page if the company has a website and establish what goods are restricted. Often aerosol cans, flammable liquids, alcohol, pornography and sharp tools are forbidden. Sending a box with any of these in it could delay your delivery time, which could mean that any extra money spent on express delivery is a waste.

Companies will always provide support to customers and often have tips on how to prepare goods for shipping. It's often recommended to use reinforced corrugated cardboard boxes, thoroughly sealed with parcel tape for protection. Using additional suitcases is expensive and often an ineffective way to transport your possessions, so shop around and take into consideration these 5 areas to ensure you get your possessions delivered safely and in good time. 

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