3 Factors That May Hinder the Operation of Transport Containers

Heavy transport containers are designed to safeguard products during varying shipping and storage conditions. However, the doors of those containers may fail to close once they have been opened. That problem can be attributed to a number of factors. This article discusses some of those causative factors. 

Uneven Surfaces

It can be hard for you to close the doors of a heavy transport container in case you placed that container on a surface that wasn't even. Such an uneven surface can cause the different sides of the doors to lose their alignment. The best way to ascertain the evenness of the surface is by performing a visual inspection of the container after placing it on the ground. Check and make sure that the gasket at the top of your container is straight. Any unevenness in its appearance will alert you to the need to level the container.

These issues can be avoided by creating a hard surface onto which to place the container. For example, a concrete or asphalt surface is strong enough to support the container without becoming uneven. Uneven containers can be levelled using planks of lumber. The lumber should be placed underneath the corner that seems to be at a lower level than the other corners. Perform the visual check above again and confirm that all corners are now level.

Improper Loading

The doors of the heavy transport container may also fail to operate easily in case you didn't load that container properly. Door operation problems can be avoided by distributing the weight of the products uniformly in all parts of the container. Otherwise, the sections that are carrying heavier loads may cause the corners to deflect to the extent that the doors won't close or open freely. Alternatively, the corners may sink into the ground and interfere with the operation of the doors. Correct this problem by redistributing the loads so that the container stays level.

Degraded Door Hardware

The doors may still fail to open or close freely even when you have ruled out the two issues above. In such a case, check the door hardware, such as the gaskets and hinges. Corrosion and damage to those items can prevent the doors from operating easily. Repair or replace any damaged hardware and try operating the doors again.

Use the suggestions above to avoid jammed container doors. Get additional help in case your DIY solutions don't cause an improvement.

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