3 Reasons to Buy a Dual Axle Tradesman Trailer

When you decide to invest in a tradesman trailer for your business, you have to choose whether to buy a single- or dual-axle model. Single-axle trailers have one axle attached to one pair of wheels; dual-axle alternatives have two axles, each of which has a set of wheels.

While both types of trailers have advantages, you may find that a dual-axle model is safer and more useful. Why?

1. More Stability

A single-axle trailer relies on one axle and two wheels to keep it steady. While its wheels are placed in optimum positions in stability terms, they are not necessarily as stable as dual-axle trailers.

An extra axle and set of wheels typically gives a trailer more stability. It has four wheels to rest on. This gives the trailer a more effective suspension system.

Dual-axle trailers usually deal with road conditions more effectively. Their more advanced suspension and stability helps them ride out bumpy road conditions and high-speed driving. This stops the trailer from bouncing up and down or from swaying from side to side as much. This gives you a smoother drive. It also gives your trailer loads more protection. If a trailer bounces about, then the stuff you're carrying in it may move as well. This is less likely with a dual-axle trailer.

2. More Weight Capacity

While single-axle trailers may be strong enough to carry relatively heavy loads, they do have limits. Their relative instability means that you may have to be careful how much stuff you carry in the trailer and how you load it on. This is less of an issue with a dual-axle trailer. While it will still have load limits, these are likely to be higher than those given to single-axle models.

3. Less Wear and Tear

The two wheels on a single-axle trailer bear the brunt of wear and tear on the road. For example, you may find that the wheels on these trailers wear down more quickly. There are only two of them to bear the weight of the trailer and its load.

The extra set of wheels on a dual-axle trailer spreads the load more effectively. Its tyres may last for longer as they split the load weight between four tyres rather than two.

If you're interested in a dual-axle tradesman trailer, call into local trailer stores or look at models online. Your trailer sales specialist can tell you more about the benefits.

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