Two Tips to Follow if You Want to Offer Your Bakery Customers a Delivery Service

If you want to provide your bakery customers with a cake delivery service, here are some tips to follow.

Consider outsourcing this task to a refrigerated transport company

If you want to deliver your bakery's fresh products to customers who reside or are hosting events in places that are far from your bakery, then you'll need to make sure that you keep the cakes that contain meltable or highly perishable ingredients, such as cream cheese frosting and whipped cream, in a cool environment so that they maintain their appearance and are safe to eat when your customers receive them.

If you only need to deliver a small batch of fresh cakes to a customer who is located a short drive from your bakery, then you might be able to simply pop the cakes into a cooler box in your own car and deliver them yourself. However, if you anticipate that there will be a big demand for your cake delivery service, then you should consider outsourcing this job to a refrigerated transport company.

This will mean that you'll be able to accept much bigger cake delivery orders (such as for weddings and funerals), as you won't be limited by the size of your cooler boxes and your car. Instead, you can use the transportation company's spacious trucks, whose refrigerated interiors' precisely regulated temperatures will keep your cakes in perfect condition, with no risk of their frosting melting or the whipped cream going bad before your customers can eat them.

Buy some non-slip mats for the refrigerated vehicles

If you use the transportation service, you may need to purchase some accessories. For example, if you'll be delivering tiered cakes that are tall, with a high centre of gravity (meaning that they could easily topple over when the vehicle starts or comes to a stop), then you may need to purchase some silicone mats and place these on the shelving units inside the refrigerated section of the vehicle; these should stop the cakes from sliding around and then toppling off the shelves whilst they're on the road.

You should look for silicone mats that have suction cups on the underside (similar to a bath mat) so that they'll stick securely to the refrigerated van's shelving units, even if these units have smooth, slippery surfaces. Before making this purchase, you should check the dimensions of each shelf on the refrigerated van's units so that you don't buy mats that are too large for them.

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